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  • The Ultimate Game Show


    When we looked at designing our own game show, our desire was to create an interactive and engaging experience that would allow the audience to be the stars of the show and allow everyone in the room to feel like they are a part of the excitement.  What we came up with is quite possibly the best 90 minute game show on Earth!  The best part is that this event can be featured as a stand alone activity or morphed to fit any time frame.  It can even be spread throughout a long day of meetings and used to energize the crowd between speakers.  All in all, It is without a doubt our favorite event to produce!

    Group Size: Unlimited
    Team Size: Min. 6
    Program Length: 1.5 Hours
    Customizable: Yes
  • Catapult Construction

    Have to Think | Indoor | Outdoor | Physical

    A decade ago, a client asked if we could design an event that would afford him the opportunity to launch tomatoes at his boss.  We loved the idea (minus the tomatoes) and that seemingly outlandish concept morphed into what has become our world famous Catapult Construction  event.  We supply teams with a barrage of PVC pipe, duct tape and cardboard and task them to design and construct a launching mechanism that will be able to fire a tennis ball at a distant target.  In addition to launching, teams will also need to design a 30 second infomercial that will entice the general public to purchase their catapult for everyday use.  In the end, the team that has the best sales pitch, matched with the most functional catapult, will walk away as champions!

    Group Size: Unlimited
    Team Size: 6
    Program Length: 3 Hours
    Customizable: Yes
  • Poker Run

    Have to Think | Indoor | Outdoor | Scavenger Hunt

    This program is the perfect match between experiencing the excitement of the city with the rush of playing in a World Series of Poker event. The event is structured so that each team will carry with them a Notebook containing roughly 30 challenges ranging from reenacting historically significant photos at various landmarks to competing in a variety of different hands-on Challenges at local venues along the Las Vegas Strip. Once time expires, teams will return to headquarters where they will go head-to-head in a winner-take-all Texas Hold’em Poker tournament. Their buy-in will be based on the total number of points they were able to obtain during the scavenger hunt portion of the event so teams that are able to start strong may find themselves going deep into the tournament. In the end the last team left standing will claim victory and be awarded a gold medal along with the title of The Poker Run Grand Champions!

    Group Size: Unlimited
    Team Size: 10
    Program Length: 4 Hours
    Customizable: Yes

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