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An industry standard, velour is the classical “theatrical” drapery. The plush, light absorbing pile of this material enables a wide array of usage options. Our velour panels are built using an Inherently Flame Resistant yarn.

Common Uses: Backdrops / Screen Surrounds / Tech and Control Booths / Sound Dampening / Decor / Room Perimeters / Room Partitions / Hallways / Masking / Tradeshow and Interview Booths


This 12oz IFR drape panel was first brought to the events industry by Quest Drape. The design intent was to create a lightweight, opaque, and light-reflecting drapery. PolyteQ enables the creative mind to go wild with size, color, and lighting options.

Common Uses: Weddings / Special Events / Backdrops / Creative Designs / Ceiling Treatments / Dressing Rooms / VIP Parties / Room Perimeters / Accent Pieces / Chuppas and Canopies/ Tradeshow and Interview Booths


Sheer, voile, mirror organza, and other non-opaque fabrics are a great way to “soften” up a room or provide the perfect accessory to your events decor. We carry white and ivory colors in stock, but have access to unlimited color options (lead times apply).

Common Uses: Weddings / Special Events / Room Perimeters / Ceiling Treatments / Accent Panels